Archery Classes, Indoor and Outdoor

Instructors: Tim Lemke, Sheri Rees

Our archery program was jointly started between Jay St. Charles of Pacific Yew Longbows and Enso Center.

Jay is an archery professional with over 40 years of experience. Tim Lemke has taken over primary instruction duties from Jay and has been Jay's student since 2008.

Tim and Sheri are Level 2 Certified Instructors through USA Archery.

In classes: "We'll visit archery's greatest challenge, guiding the arrow to the target by subtle use of mind, hand and eye. As individuals we'll pursue a goal which has fascinated archers of all cultures throughout history — shooting the perfect arrow. Also, over time we can explore different forms of traditional archery and find what might interest each of us most."

  • Archery open to ages 13 through Adult. Children aged 10 - 12 may attend Archery WITH SPECIAL PERMISSION of the Instructor providing that they attend with a parent. BOTH PARENT AND CHILD MUST BE REGISTERED FOR ARCHERY.

  • Enso Center members currently enrolled in martial arts programs receive an additional 20 percent discount.

  • All high quality equipment will be supplied free of charge

  • Must preregister, and pick your day(s) to attend — space is limited

  • For more info, please contact Tim via email
    ( ).

  • Register now for next monthly session

** NEW Articles Available **

Hey Enso Center Archers, Sheri wanted to make sure you know they are thinking about you and your archery journey.

Here are some stretches and exercises you can do while we are on hiatus.

They are separated into a series of articles: Arms & Upper Body Stretches, Legs & Lower Body Stretches, Core Strengthening Exercises and Stretchband / Bow exercises.

All of the stretches & exercises, except one, can be done without equipment.

For the Stretchband / Bow exercises you will need one of the two items.

01 Archery Arms & Upper Body Stretches by Sheri Rees.pdf

02 Archery Legs & Lower Body Stretches by Sheri Rees.pdf

03 Archery Core Exercises by Sheri Rees.pdf

04 Archery Stretchband - Bow Exercises by Sheri Rees.pdf

Additional articles will be added soon.

Enso Center is certified through the National Field Archery Association



Healing Arts: Hypnotherapy


Richard Benack

Registered Hypnotherapist
Certified NLP Trainer

Phone: 425.246.6207

Hypnosis is a process that allows positive suggestions to become part of our automatic, unconscious functioning. It is a state of heightened awareness and focus. Hypnosis has also been described as a state of physical relaxation accompanied and induced by mental concentration.

Hypnotherapy is used by many people to improve their athletic performance and manage their overall fitness. It can be used in both sports and everyday fitness activities such as weightlifting, running, biking and martial arts to help achieve full potential. Hypnotherapy is also highly effective in helping people manage their lives.

By some estimates, over 90% of diseases are the result of stress in one’s life. With hypnosis, it is possible learn stress management & relaxation techniques that can improve how you deal with the problems of everyday life. Hypnosis has also been shown to be highly effective in enabling people to manage their weight and control negative habits.

Rich specializes in:

  1. Sports Hypnosis
  2. Weight Management
  3. Stress Management
  4. Performance Enhancement
  5. Mind/Body Healing
  6. Training and Classes

Free consultation to see if hypnotherapy can help you.



Elemental Yoga

Yoga is practiced for strengthening and stretching the body, increasing energy (prana), and calming the mind.

This program is designed to increase your physical health, flexibility, strength and balance, while improving confidence, and encouraging a more peaceful mind.

Yoga focuses on health of the whole person with a series of relaxed breathing and movement exercises. It is practiced slowly, with emphasis on healthy joints and movement, with a strong, relaxed body & mind.

We welcome people of all levels and physical abilities in these classes, children and adults.

Fine Arts

Winter Market (Redmond)
Authors Corner (Redmond)

Sat February 8th, 2020 11am - 4pm
Sun February 9th, 2020 11am - 4pm

Enso Center is pleased to host the 2020 Winter Marketplace & Authors Corner.

There will be all types of vendors (local makers, artists, chefs and authors) showcasing their unique talents, visions and artistic prowess. Supporting these local artisans also comes with the bonus of not just helping support local artists but also contributing to the Enso Center’s “Martial Arts for All” scholarship program.

This event is FREE! Everyone is welcome!

If you are one of the first 10 visitors you will win a FREE SWAG BAG with goodies courtesy of our local vendors.

Hope to see you then!

Facebook Event Information:

Winter Market

Authors Corner


Summer Camp News

Enso Center Summer Camps 2020

Although we are not hosting summer camps this year we are already planning for camps in 2021. We will definitely post camp information once we finalize the dates and details.

The description below gives you an idea of what to expect at an Enso Center Summer Camp

Want your kids to take a break from technology, unplug, make friends, build connections and cultivate interpersonal communication skills?

They will learn martial arts from different cultures: Korea (Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido), Japan (Aikido and Aikijujutsu), India (Yoga) and China (Tai Chi) and more.

Kids camp exercises incorporate fitness, health and principles of self-defense and we nurture creativity through projects like origami.

Teens will develop a competitive edge through multi-discipline training that focuses on endurance, flexibility, conditioning and practical self-defense.

This multi-age camp is designed to cultivate team spirit and leadership skills.

The tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit are emphasized through all the activities.

Each day (weather permitting), campers will eat lunch and engage in outside group play at Perrigo Park. Please bring a sack lunch, water bottle, shoes and sunscreen.

In a showcase on Friday night at 7pm, campers will demonstrate their new skills. Family and friends are encouraged to come, watch and be amazed!

Camps are designed and provided by Master Jason Mix, professional martial arts instructor for more than 25 years with the help of other experienced Black Belt instructors.

All camps run 9am-3pm each day.

Kids Camps (Ages 5 - 12)
2021 Dates TBD

Teen Camp (Ages 13 - 18)
2021 Date TBD

Camp Fee: $395.00

Fee includes T-shirt and daily snack.

Our camps fill up early so please register as soon as possible.

Summer Camp Flyer:
Enso Center Summer Camp Flyer.pdf

Summer Camp Application:
Enso Center Summer Camp Application.pdf

You can register and pay for summer camps through Zen Planner.

Zen Planner is the system that Enso Center uses for its Student Management and Registration.

When you use the links below please scroll down the page during every step of the signup process to see the fields that you need to fill out. Thank You!

Camp Purchase Links
To be provided in 2021