World Hapkido Federation Seminar & Leadership Conference 2012

On May 4th-6th 2012, the World Hapkido Federation (WHF), in collaboration with the Greek Hapkido Association (GHA) hosted an International Leadership Conference & Seminar in Athens, Greece.

Hapkido, a complete martial art, means “Coordinated Energy Way” and integrates the mind, body and spirit. It has an emphasis on philosophy and incorporates joint locks, striking, kicking, throwing, choking, and weapons.

The World Hapkido Federation (WHF) was formed by Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung in 1973 on his journey from war torn Korea to the western world. His vision was to teach and spread Hapkido, in its purest form, to all people and creeds.

His life-long legacy of seminars continued in May 2012 with the teaching of Master Timothy Shin (7th Degree Black Belt, WHF Technical Director), and Master Jason Mix (6th Degree Black Belt, WHF Regional Director - West Coast USA).

Master Shin is the current Technical Director of the WHF. He was a personal student and assistant to Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung for over two decades. He oversaw the Black belt and instructor course of the seminar as well as covering these topics: Basic & Attack technique, Throwing & Falling technique, and the Rope.

Master Mix is the WHF Regional Director - West Coast USA and Director of Program Development at Enso Center in Redmond, Washington. He is a senior member of the WHF and shared and taught various techniques and theory uncovered from the many discussions between himself and Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung. His combined topic, The Connection: Ho Shin Sul - Middle Staff - 5 Elements, gave a rare insight into the art of Hapkido and the WHF's founder.

The conference was led by the Director General of the World Hapkido Federation, Master Roe Jai Myung. As the son of the late Grandmaster, he shared the vision of the WHF's future as well as developments and projects that are underway.

GHA President Evangelos Thanos, the members, and all the participants had the joy of welcoming and practicing next to Hapkido masters from all over the world.

You can view a seminar flyer by clicking on the image or link below:

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Master Jason Mix - 5 Entering Form

In this video, Master Jason Mix demonstrates the 5 Entering Form, which shows the connection between Ho Shin Sul, Middle Staff and the 5 Elements. In particular it shows interaction with weapon versus weapon, weapon versus empty hand and empty hand versus empty hand, something that Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung of the World Hapkido Federation emphasized in his teaching. The 5 Entering Form is an exercise to develop an awareness of initial movement and distance.