Union Hapkido International Seminar and Heritage Of Hapkido Demonstration
August 23 - 25, 2019

On August 23rd - 25th 2019, Enso Center hosted a Union Hapkido International Seminar featuring Master Wilfredo Sellas Rodriguez, Master Jose Manuel Reyes Perez and Master Jason Mix in Redmond, WA, USA.

Also included, as part of the seminar, was a Heritage of Hapkido Demonstration featuring the Mix family, Black and Colored Belt Students from Enso Center.

Master Sellas demonstrated his method of teaching the foundation techniques of Hapkido in a clear and effective manner.

Master Reyes taught traditional Hapkido defenses against contemporary / modern attacks.

Master Mix presented on Hapkido as Connection. Entering to make a connection and how to use that connection to throw. Maintaining connection while dealing with multiple opponents.

The Heritage of Hapkido Demonstration showed how the pillars of Kiwon Hapkido (Meditation, Medicine and Martial Arts) were inherited and reinforced from the arts of Central Asia, Ancient Korea, China and Japan.

Master Sellas is the President of Federacion de Hapkido de Puerto Rico

Master Reyes is the President of Federacion Española De Hapkido

Master Mix is the President and Director of Program Development for Enso Center For International Arts.

Masters Sellas, Reyes and Mix are also all founding members of Union Hapkido.

You can view the Union Hapkido International Seminar Flyer or Heritage of Hapkido Demo Flyer by clicking on the images or links below:

Enso Center - Union Hapkido International Seminar - Aug 2019 - Large Thumbnail.jpg

Enso Center - Union Hapkido Heritage Demo - Aug 2019 - Large Thumbnail.jpg