Hapkido is a Korean martial art that translates as coordinated energy way or universal energy way.

This 'soft style' is a complete martial arts system. It integrates kicking, hand techniques, patterns (series of pre-arranged moves), and redirection of another’s force through circular movements leading to joint locks and throws. Weapons practice, such as wooden sword and staff, are also included.

This program is designed to increase your physical health, flexibility, strength and balance, while improving confidence, and encouraging a more peaceful mind. Hapkido is an excellent art for self defense which focuses on physical and mental health while being in harmony with one’s environment. Students work alone and with partners on various skills. We practice the traditional 'internal style' art of Hapkido emphasizing fluid movement and follow through.

We welcome people of all ranks in these classes, beginner through advanced, ages 6 through adult.


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Hapkido Belt Level Requirements

To view or print belt level requirements for all Colored Belts and 1st Dan Black Belt, visit
Hapkido Belt Level Requirements
. A username and password is required which you can get from your instructor.

Martial Arts FUNdamentals

Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido are Korean martial arts. Tae Kwon Do translates as foot hand way and Hapkido translates as coordinated energy way.

Enso Center has expanded their Tae Kwon Do program into the new, fun and exciting Martial Arts FUNdamentals program.

While continuing in the tradition of the aerobic techniques of Tae Kwon Do, Martial Arts FUNdamentals adds rolling and falling exercises from Hapkido, self-defense techniques and promotes mental and physical well-being. This unique combination helps students realize their potential in martial arts and life.

The Martial Arts FUNdamentals program offers an enjoyable workout, in a safe environment. The class will continue to emphasize the tenets of courtesy, patience and right behavior.

We welcome people of all ranks in these classes, beginner through advanced, ages 6 through adult.


Class Schedules and Locations

Tuition Rates

Martial Arts FUNdamentals
Belt Level Requirements

The Martial Arts FUNdamentals program focuses on the fundamental skills taught in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. Belt level promotion for this program is based on the same first four belt levels of Hapkido.

To view or print belt level requirements, visit Hapkido Belt Level Requirements. A username and password is required which you can get from your instructor.

Tai Chi / ShinShimDo

Tai Chi is a martial art that translates roughly (from Chinese) as Grand Ultimate.

Tai Chi is practiced for strengthening and stretching the body, increasing energy (ki/chi) flow and calming the mind.

Tai Chi focuses on health of the whole person with a series of relaxed breathing and strengthening exercises. Patterns are practiced slowly, emphasising healthy joints and movement, with a strong, relaxed body & mind

At Enso Center we practice both the ShinShimDo Korean style and also the Yang Chinese style of Tai Chi.

ShinShimDo (Mind Body Way) is a Korean style of Tai Chi Chuan. It is the practice of Nae Gae Kwon Bup (Internal Style Martial Arts) found in a chapter of the Moo Yea Do Bo Tong Ji, compiled by Lee Do’k Mu in 1796. This chapter is largely based on the Classic of Military Discipline written by Qi Ji-Guang in 1561. Many of the names and concepts of modern Tai Chi are also developed from this source.

ShinShimDo includes the practice of 5 element short stick (Tai Chi Ruler), empty hand form, circle walking, and push hands.

Advanced students may also learn Tai Chi sword.

People of all levels and physical abilities can benefit from this art. Tai Chi is a complete art on its own, but it is also an excellent addition to other arts as an Internal Energy practice.

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Weapons / KiWonDo

The Weapons (KiWonDo) program teaches self-defense techniques with and against a variety of weapons emphasizing correct use and proper form.

Wooden practice weapons are used including Short, Middle and Long Staff, Long Sword & Knife.

Cane, Rope & Spear are also taught as additional weapons at advanced levels.

Benefits include improved strength, flexibility, focus, dexterity and awareness of surroundings.

No previous martial arts experience is necessary. We welcome people of all levels and physical abilities in these classes from age 12 through adult.

KiWonDo (Energy Circle Way) is an integrated art with a strong foundation from the Moo Yea Do Bo Tong Ji (Illustrated Manual of Martial Arts). This Korean Martial Arts classic was compiled by Lee Do’k Mu in 1796 at the request of the king of Korea (ChongJo, 1776 - 1800). According to the Journal of Asian Martial Arts: Vol. 3 - No. 2 - 1994 Page 64: “In his Intoduction Lee Do’k Mu listed over one hundred classic Chinese, Korean and even Japanese works.

KiWonDo focuses on the shared philosophy and training methods of these Korean, Japanese and Chinese martial arts with an emphasis on what they have in common. 

The practice and research of this art was guided by Grand Master Kwang Sik Myung of the World Hapkido Federation.

KiWonDo uses sword, staff and knife techniques to help understand circles and leverage while increasing awareness of the environment.

KiWonDo is a complete art on its own, but it is also a fun and exciting addition to other arts.

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Adaptive Hapkido

Note: Our Adaptive Hapkido classes are based on our core Hapkido program. For a more detailed description of our core Hapkido program, please click on the Hapkido tab.

What is Adaptive Hapkido?

Since 2007, Enso Center has been teaching a specially designed Hapkido curriculum tailored specifically to people with special needs.

Students explore fluid movements, breathing exercises, and learn how to fall safely. Exercises are designed to improve coordination, flexibility, strength, balance, self-confidence and also to promote healthy joints, strong core muscles, and mind and body connection.

The program helps participants discover the practice of Hapkido in a safe, positive, fun, caring and welcoming environment.

Classes are taught by qualified black belt instructors.

Students work individually, in pairs or as a group. With an instructor to student ratio of approximately 1 to 3, we are able to welcome people of all abilities, beginner through advanced, ages 13 through adult.

Parents and care givers can watch and observe any of the classes and are encouraged to discuss any concerns or ask questions about the class with the instructors.


"I feel so blessed to have found this amazing program through Enso where everyone, teachers & students, treat Matthew with genuine respect and kindness!"

Lynn Loweecy, Parent
Redmond, WA


Our daughter has been involved with the adaptive recreation class for over eight years. We have seen and experienced many positive changes in her. Her confidence, skills, compassion, sharing and participation in group activities has grown. The leadership and teaching activities that have been presented and demonstrated have had a positive impact on her behaviour. It is always a challenge to find competent and useful activities for young adults to participate. This program provides that avenue. Our daughter has gained confidence, strength, endurance, compassion and developed a close relationship with others in the program. Thank you, your program makes a difference in her life.

David Levesque, Parent
Redmond, WA


Note: For martial arts schools interested in starting or offering a similar Adaptive Martial Arts program, please contact Enso Center directly.

Special Programs

Options Self Defense Program

Self-defense is a complicated subject.

It is both an immediate response and an act of preparation.

It is physical, mental and emotional.

It reaches into every part of life because good self-defense is not just the art of fending off an attacker; it is the art of being an active part of the world in which we live.

It is a dynamic tool that helps us achieve goals.

It is important not to be perceived as threatening or offensive as well as to know appropriate responses to harassment.

Self-defense is intentionally taking control, both of yourself and of how others interact with you.

Enso Center offers seminars tailored to fit the specific concerns of individual organizations.

We combine demonstrations, community resources, physical self-defense instruction, practical applications, confrontation scenarios and verbal interaction to help participants become aware that there are always options available.

Participants will:

  • Achieve an increased sense of self confidence
  • Gain knowledge of community resources
  • Learn effective physical self-defense
  • Experience confrontation scenarios in a safe
  • Develop a personal self-defense plan

Seminars can be held at our main location in Redmond, your work location, or any other suitable location that you specify.

Enso Center Options Self Defense Flyer.pdf

To view the Options Self Defense Flyer, click on the link above, OR right click on the link above, and choose Save As... to save a copy of the flyer to your computer.